Kai Lam

Artist's Biography

Kai Lam (born in 1974), works and based in Singapore, has proved an active innovator since his artistic involvements in 1995 during which he was majoring in Sculpture at Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore. In 2001, he was awarded a study grant from Lee Foundation and an education bursary from National Arts Council, and graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Arts where he majored in Sculpture.

Through his varied art practice in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation and performance, art making to Kai Lam is a tool for a better understanding of the artist’s living environment. As president of alternative art group, Artists Village from 2000 to 2003, he initiated “Artists Investigating Monuments”, presenting installations and performances in various public sites. This was later presented again in Singapore Art Museum, 2004 and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and House of World Culture, Berlin, 2005.

Engaging in art organizational work forms an essential extension to Kai Lam’s versatile art practice. Since 2003, He had co-founded and organized with his Singaporean art colleagues, “Future of Imagination” (FOI) an international performance art event, and in 2009 he initiated “Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak” (R.I.T.E.S), which focused on performance art and experimental music platform that promotes hybridized art practices. The artist had traveled worldwide extensively to perform and exhibit his art projects.


Collective art projects:
[R.I.T.E.S] www.rootedintheephemeralspeak.wordpress.com
[Future Of Imagination] www.foi.sg
[The Artists Village, Singapore] www.tav.org.sg


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